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Life Groups

Grow together in faith by joining one of our Life Groups.

What Are Life Groups?

Life Groups are an extension of what we learn about Jesus on Sundays. A communal effort to practically apply Jesus' teachings in our daily lives.

Our Life Groups are intimate gatherings of people pursuing spiritual growth together in 3 major areas:

  1. Love - God and others by growing through relationships
  2. Learn - Studying the Scriptures together
  3. Live - Serving the world by reaching out to others beyond the group

These groups meet on a quarterly basis, typically for 6-10 weeks, and study a variety of topics.

Interested? Find out which small groups are in progress, what will be studied, when and where they'll be held, and other pertinent information below.

Spring 2024 Semester of Life Groups Begins April 4th

Detailed Information will be posted soon....