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We are excited to have you join us at Christ Alive!

  • Good Friday at 7 pm we are going to conclude our message series Seven Words of the Cross " My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

You are Invited to Celebrate Easter with us!

We look forward to seeing you and your family, Easter Sunday at 10 am.

Easter Sunday we are starting a new message series entitled, Resurrection Hope. A series about overcoming life's greatest challenges!

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a reminder that, In our darkest days, it gives us light. In overwhelming discouragement, it gives us faith. In the midst of devastating loss, it gives us joy. In times of divisiveness, it gives us something that unifies us. The tomb is empty. Jesus is alive, and that gives us hope!

Christ, Our Hope, Is Alive!

We missed everyone and we are excited to have you join us at Christ Alive on Sundays for our in-person church service. Please make a reservation and include everyone in your party. Thank you!

Attendance Waiver

By registering to attend a service in person, you acknowledge your awareness of the potential risks inherently connected to COVID-19, even with all our efforts to create a safe, sanitized environment, while following all the CDC guidelines, including social distancing